"You have helped me through a very challenging period of recovery from a fragmented disc that migrated into the spinal canal and compressed a nerve. You got me into your office on very short notice. Your questions about my symptoms and the circumstances of there appearance were direct, clear and simple. You examined me with a swiftness and assurance that immediately inspired confidence. You explained what had happened with clarity and compassion. You arranged for me to get an MRI the same day, even though it was Saturday. I felt truly cared for. Since my diagnosis, you advised me on all my options in a balanced and fair way. You referred me to a Neurosurgeon who advised me to have surgery. I decided to try your treatment first, and now I have regained full use of my leg (which was limited due to foot drop) and am now pain free." Ellen Cull.

"It has been a pleasure to be a patient of yours. I have suffered from back pain for years and was very skeptical when I first started chiropractic. You took the time and effort to educate me about my back and my health, and because of that, I fell better now than I have in a long time." Kwesi Mfume.

"I can't believe how easy you made my recovery. It seems like just yesterday I was in constant pain. Now, thanks to your skill I have a truly healthy back." Ellen Nolan

"...I would like to go on the record with my deepest thanks for your gentle and effective professional care. I am a reformed Doubting Thomas who now stands taller thanks to your treatments that began when I was too wracked with back spasms to resist being brought in. I haven't taken drugs for back pain since. Dr. David Curry

"...when I first came to see you, I thought I was going to have to give up the game of golf. Due to your skill as a chiropractor, and your knowledge of golf, you have allowed me to to continue to enjoy the game I love." Chris Naftzger

"...After acupuncture, physical therapy, drugs, cortisone shots and all the traveling to obtain these procedures, I finally decided to try chiropractic. While I will probably never be completely cured (especially at 86 years old), I am so grateful for the immense relief I now have. I found you to be very professional, confident, personable, and always ready to answer any questions." Jane Dinsbrough

"...When I first came to see you last fall, my back hurt so badly I could barely bend over to brush my teeth. I am a competitive power lifter who had to discontinue my training due to an unexpected Stage 3 germ cell cancer diagnosis. During 8 months of cancer treatment, one of the thoughts that sustained me was a commitment to one day coming back stronger than before I got sick. When I resumed training, I was climbing back to my target poundages when I started experiencing excruciating back pain. Drugs, therapy and everything else I tried did not work. Then I began seeing you. Because of your incredible skill and care, I am now days away from shattering those old personal records, and fulfilling that promise I made to myself. I cannot express how much this means to me, and thus how big a role you have played in the emotional element of my recovery from cancer." Brian Julius

"I suffered with 2 herniated discs and was in agony. Dr. Connelly diagnosed the problem and referred me to a Neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon gave me the option of having surgery immediately or trying a short course of Chiropractic first. I stayed with Dr. Connelly, avoided surgery, and am fine today." Lisa Helmanis

More letters available for viewing in our office.